Thought For Food Academy and Summit 2020

09 Jul 2020, 8:00 AM - 7:45 PM
Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa, Persiaran Lagoon, Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia




Advancing Agriculture and Food Technology
Thursday, 9 July 2020 | Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa


Agriculture plays a crucial role in the economy of developing countries and provides the main source of food, income and employment to their populations. According to the World Bank, worldwide agricultural development is one of the most powerful tools to end extreme poverty, boost shared prosperity and feed a projected 9.7 billion people by 2050. Growth in the agriculture sector is two to four times more effective in raising incomes among the poorest compared to other sectors. However, agriculture-driven growth, poverty reduction, and food security are currently at risk. Climate change could cut crop yields, especially in the world’s most food-insecure regions. Risks associated with poor diets are also the leading cause of death worldwide. Millions of people around the world are either not eating enough or eating the wrong types of food, resulting in a double burden of malnutrition that can lead to illnesses and health crises. Improvements in agriculture and food technology are fundamental to achieving food security, poverty alleviation and overall sustainable development.

Assuming a constant fertility rate, the world’s population is projected to increase by 47% from 7.4 billion in 2015 to 10.9 billion in 2050. Based on OECD’s projection, the world’s agricultural land would decrease from 5.3 billion hectare to 5.1 billion hectares during the same period. Deforestation through land clearing for agricultural land as well as soil and water pollution exacerbate climate change. Disasters associated with climate change, which are often unpredictable, in turn, disrupt food production and destabilise food supply. Extreme hunger and malnutrition remain a barrier to sustainable development and creates a trap from which people cannot easily escape. Hunger and malnutrition mean less productive individuals, who are more prone to disease and thus often unable to earn more and improve their livelihoods. In Malaysia, 20.7% of children are stunted due to malnutrition. There is a serious need for rigorous development for agriculture technology (agritech) and food technology (foodtech).

Therefore, this Summit will bring together purpose-driven entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, investors, policymakers, and creative thinkers for an unconventional program that ignites bold visions, action-oriented conversations, and authentic global connections focused on transforming the future.

Thursday, 9 July 2020 | Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa

08:00 – 09:00 am


09.00 - 09.10 am

Opening Ceremony TFF Global Summit 2020

09:10 – 09:20 am

Welcome word from Christine Gould, Founder and
CEO, Thought For Food Foundation and Author,
“From the Ground Up: How to Solve our Planet’s
Biggest Challenges the Next-Gen Way”

09:20 – 09:25 am

Introduction and setting the scene by our moderator
of the day, Gemma Milne,Forbes Science Contributor
and Author, “Smoke and Mirrors: How Hype
Obscures the Future and How to See Past It”

09:25 – 09:35 am

Setting the Context: “The Asia Food Challenge:
Harvesting the Future” by Ernst & Young (name tbc)

09:35 – 09:45 am

Solving Food and Environmental Challenges in
SE Asia: the BiteBack Story

09:45 – 10:15 am

Panel Session: “Perspectives on Farming in the
21st Century”


  • Smallholder Perspectives:
    Ms. Solinn Lim
    CEO, Oxfam Cambodia (tbc)

  • Large-Grower Perspectives:
    Mariana Vasconcelos,
    Founder and CEO, Agrosmart (Brazil) 

  • Urban Perspectives:
    Henry Gordon Smith,
    Founder and Managing Director, Agritecture (USA)


  • Jessica Cheam
    Founder and Managing Director, Eco-Business (tbc)

10:15 – 11:00 am

Panel Session: “Perspectives on Food in the 21st


  • FoodTech Trends:
    Matt Kovac
    Executive Director,

  • Food Industry Asia (Singapore)
  • Future Crops:
    Prof. Sayed Azam Ali
    CEO, Crops For the Future Research Center (Malaysia)

  • Future Proteins:
    Dr Sandhya Sriram
    Co-founder and CEO, Shiok Meats (Singapore) (tbc)

  • White Spaces:
    Scott May
    Head of MISTA at Givaudan (USA)


  • Gemma Milne
    Forbes Science Contributor (UK)

11:00 – 11:10 am

Food Systems Visions

  • Roy Steiner 
    Executive Director, Food at the Rockefeller Foundation

11:10 – 11:30 am

Energizing Break

11:30 – 11:35 am

Video: Borneo Expedition + Welcome Back

11:35 – 11:50 am

Keynote Address:

  • Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah AO
    Founder and Chairman of Sunway

11:50 – 11:55 am

Video: Next-Gen Testimonials on the Malaysia Food
and Ag Opportunity

11:55 – 12:10 pm

Special Address:

  • Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed
    Prime Minister of Malaysia (tbc)

12:10 – 12:20 pm

Advancing the Future of Malaysia’s Food and
AgriTech Innovation: featuring (tbc):

  • Tun Daim Zainuddin
  • Minister of Agriculture
  • Minister of Energy, Science, Tech, Environment, Climate Change
  • Minister of Communications and Multimedia
  • Minister of Entrepreneurial Development
  • Minister of Economic Affairs, Minister of Water, Land and Natural Resources. 

12:20 – 12:30 pm

Slam Poetry Performance by Peter Bickerton, PhD,
Science Writer (UK) and Author of “Millennial: a
decade of dreams, nightmares and perspectives”

12:30 – 12:40 pm

Special Talk: “We Can Solve Climate Change and
Here’s How” by Saul Griffiths, Founder and Chief
Scientist, Otherlab

12:40 – 13:45 pm

Power Your Network Lunch

13:45 – 14:00 pm

TFF’s Trademark Startup Rave featuring performances
by Agriman (Trinidad)

14:00 – 14:05 pm

Welcome back, with Introduction to Judges:

  • Christian Cadea
    Managing Partner, Big Idea Ventures 

  • Vandana Dhaul
    Head Accelerator Operations, Grow

  • Evan Cheah
    Executive Vice President, Sunway Group (tbc)

  • Sio Ying Tan
    R&D Technology Ventures Lead, PepsiCo

  • Albert Kure
    Co-founder, Frontierss, 2018 winner of TFF Challenge

14:05 – 14:10 pm

Kick off TFF Challenge pitches with special message
by internationally-acclaimed electronic music artists

14:10 – 15:00 pm

TFF Challenge Pitches Round 1 (5 pitches)

15:00 – 15:20 pm

“Disruption” a fireside chat with Christine Gould and
AirAsia (tbc)

15:20 – 16:10 pm

TFF Challenge Pitches Round 2 (5 pitches)

16:10 – 16:15 pm

Judges Exit to Deliberate + Explanation of Next-Gen

16:15 – 16:20 pm

Participants move to Next-Gen Assemblies of choice

16:20 – 17:10 pm

Next-Gen Assemblies Round 1*: featuring parallel
stages and workshop areas that offer inspirational
talks, skill-building and leadership workshops, live
podcasts, and a “Pop-Up Pitch Room.”

17:10 – 17:20 pm

Change Break

17:20 – 18:10 pm

Next-Gen Assemblies Round 2*: featuring parallel
stages and workshop areas that offer inspirational
talks, skill-building and leadership workshops, live
podcasts, and a “Pop-Up Pitch Room.”

18:10 – 18:30 pm

Refueling Snack Break

18:30 – 18:35 pm

Welcome Back to Mainstage

18:35 – 18:45 pm

“Tech Meets Food”

  • Michiel Bakker
    Head of Google Food

18:45 – 19:25 pm

TFF Challenge Awards Ceremony

  1. Circular Economy of Food Prize
    Google + Danone

  2. Food in Space Prize

  3. Regenerative Agroforestry Prize
    reNature Foundation

  4. Launchpad into SEA Innovation Prize

  5. Impact Investment Prize ($5000)
    Kirchner Food Fellows

  6. “Take it to the Farmer Prize” ($2500)
    Borlaug Foundation

  7. TFF Runner Up ($7500)
    TFF Foundation

  8. TFF Grand Prize ($10,000)
    TFF Foundation

Photo/Press moment + Festive Toast

19:25 – 19:45 pm

Closing Keynote:

Eco-Couple: Passion, Purpose and Collaboration

  • Felipe Villela
    Co-Founder at ReNature Foundation, and Tati Lund, Chef at Org.Bistro

19:45 – 20:00 pm

Wrap Up by Gemma Milne

20:00 – 20:30 pm

Head to Sunway Lagoon Beach for Dinner and

20:30 – 21:30 pm

Dinner Buffet + Artistic Video-mapping

21:30 – 22:00 pm

Opening Act and DJ/VJ performance

22:00 – 23:00 pm

DJ’s and Live Artists by Monstercat (tbc)

16.10 - 16.15 pm
Judges to Deliberate and Ms. Gemma Milne to explain the Break-out sessions

23:00 – 00.00 am

TFF DJ’s Puerto + Maloney

00:10 am

End of TFF Global Summit with Volcano Explosion

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