ASLI 3-5 Afternoon Insights: Paving The Way To The Future Of Sustainable Infrastructure

19 Jun 2019, 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Graduate Centre, Sunway University

3-5 Afternoon Insights


How ESG Impact Measurement and Blockchain can Shape the Asset Class"

International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) 


Wednesday, 19 June 2019 (3pm - 5pm)

Graduate Centre, Sunway University


Infrastructure is the backbone for sustainable development, none of the UN Sustainable Development Goals can be realised without it. But financing sustainable infrastructure is a challenging task. ASLI is proud to present the experts from the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) to present two ideas that can shape the future of how sustainable infrastructure is financed and deployed globally.
ESG impact assessment - Sustainable Asset Valuation
Sustainable Asset Valuation provides policy-makers and investors a comprehensive analysis of how much their infrastructure projects will really cost, taking into account risks and externalities that are overlooked in traditional valuations.
SAVi measures economic, social and environmental impacts, among others. It then uses the costs of these externalities to simulate how they affect the financial performance of infrastructure projects and portfolios across their life cycles. For example, how will the imposition of a carbon tax create unexpected costs for an infrastructure project? Or how will water shortages affect the financial attractiveness of a wastewater treatment plant six years down the line? SAVi can factor in what those costs could mean for the project, allowing policy-makers and investors to prepare accordingly.
Digitalisation – financing infrastructure through blockchain

For large illiquid assets, such as infrastructure, investors have to deal with a bewildering array of complexities and uncertainties. Blockchain through tokenisation can address many of these financial challenges. Tokenisation is the digitalisation of an asset, where each token represents ownership of a part of the underlying infrastructure project. Blockchain enables the storage and transfer of these cryptographic tokens in a frictionless manner.
Improving efficiency throughout the financing and operation phases is particularly important for sustainable infrastructure projects. They tend to require a bigger upfront investment and have higher perceived technological risks compared to traditional infrastructure. As a result, there is often a need to explore innovative financing solutions to make sustainable infrastructure financially viable and attractive to investors. Tokenisation can play an important role in decreasing the cost of financing, making the whole asset class more bankable.
Oshani Perera, Director, Public Procurement and Infrastructure Finance
Oshani Perera leads IISD’s work on public procurement and infrastructure finance. She advises policy-makers on planning, procuring and financing sustainable infrastructure. She also works with them to develop innovative solutions to share risks between public and private counterparts. She serves on the OECD Expert Groups on Public Procurement, Green Finance and Long Term Finance, and on the B20 Task Force on Infrastructure Finance.
David Uzsoki, Senior Advisor, Sustainable Finance and Infrastructure
David Uzsoki applies his financial industry experience to demonstrate that sustainability can indeed improve the financial performance of investments. His recent projects include the development of the Sustainable Asset Valuation (SAVi) tool and its application to a wide range of projects globally. He leads IISD’s engagement with investors and other financial stakeholders on demonstrating the business case for sustainable investments. He covers a wide range of topics in sustainable finance, including environmental, social and governance impact investment reporting; green bonds; blended finance solutions; de-risking instruments; digital finance; and the role of blockchain technology in financing high-impact projects.
Professor Yeah Kim Leng, Senior Fellow and Director of the Economics Studies Programme at Jeffrey Cheah Institute on Southeast Asia.
Yeah Kim Leng is a Senior Fellow and Director of the Economics Studies Programme at the Jeffrey Cheah Institute on Southeast Asia at Sunway University. Prior to joining academia in 2014, he was the chief economist at the country’s first credit rating agency for 20 years with 7 years as managing director of its wholly-owned consultancy services subsidiary. Earlier, he was a Senior Analyst at the Institute of Strategic and International Studies Malaysia which he joined after completing his graduate studies. He obtained an MBA and a PhD in Agricultural and Resource Economics from the University of Hawaii, USA. He is currently the Deputy President of the Malaysian Economic Association (MEA), a trustee of the Malaysian Tax Research Foundation (MTRF), a member of the National Consumer Advisory Council at the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (2017-19) and one of the two external members appointed to Bank Negara Malaysia’s Monetary Policy Committee since April 2015.
The International Institute for Sustainable Development is an independent think tank championing sustainable solutions to 21st-century problems. Our mission is to promote human development and environmental sustainability. Established in 1990, IISD has offices in Canada and Switzerland, and our work impacts economies, communities, ecosystems and lives in nearly 100 countries.


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1) Oshani Perera, Director, Public Procurement and Infrastructure Finance, IISD

2) David Uzsoki, Senior Advisor, Sustainable Finance and Infrastructure, IISD


Moderated by:
Professor Yeah Kim LengSenior Fellow and Director of the Economics Studies Programme at the Jeffrey Cheah Institute on Southeast Asia.


5.00 pm
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